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Mission Statement

Egyptian Ministry Of Health Conference Series is a progeny of the Egyptian Ministry Of Health Employees Association Community Service. EMOHCS aims at preparing post-graduate physicians from the beginning of their career and onwards for the challenges that await them in the ER, ICU, Clinic and daily practice.

EMOHCS handles the science in an interactive case scenario format and hands - on workshops  to acclimatize and bring a sense of familiarity in dealing with the topics , transforming book science into practical applications.

The series address all levels of expertise in an ascending manner. They are evaluated by a pre and a post test which are kept in the ministry's archives for later references. 

The conferences will be recorded for broadcasting  at the EMOHCS website. Attendees will be awarded certificates which may be documented by the Egyptian Ministry Of Foreign Affairs.

In short our aim is to provide our physicians with the mental and clinical stimulation necessary for keeping up to date with the latest management guidelines

EMOHCS Executive Consultant ,
Site  editor & designer
Mona Youssef